Purebred Appaloosas

The filly in this photo was bred by and born at Appaloosa Hillside Farm.  Her name is AHF Sunshine Of The Heart. 

Purebred Appaloosas:

An ApHC  Registered Appaloosa can be bred to a Registered Thoroughbred, Arabian, Quarter Horse, or another Appaloosa, and it's foal will be an ApHC Registered Appaloosa.  So although these are Registered Appaloosas, by blood they can be 50% or more another breed, thus not being Purebred.  There is a big difference between Registered and Purebred. 

Appaloosas were at one time declared a Purebred Breed, and some Appaloosas today STILL fit the PUREBRED APPALOOSA requirments!!!  We at Appaloosa Hillside Farm are breeding to save the Appaloosa as a BREED (NOT just color!!!).  So are other breeders who have Appaloosas that fit FAHR (  Foundation Appaloosas Horse Registry) requirements.  Any Appaloosa registered with FAHR, has been authenticated as having reached the HIGH percentage ( 75% or more) of F numbered Appaloosa blood from the first 8 Appaloosa Stud books, which is needed as part of  reaching the Purebred Appaloosa definition!!   Purebred Appaloosas are about the 75% or more F numbered blood, not just generations of Appaloosas bred to generations of Appaloosas, for the reason given in the paragraph above!! 

"Foundation" is just that, the foundation from where a breed (or the start of anything- such as a house) begins, and is built upon. Foundation Appaloosas are the first ApHC registered Appaloosas, most being F (for Foundation) numbered Appaloosas.  This                  Fnumbered blood is what we need 75% or more of, from the first 8 stud books as part of saving our PUREBRED APPALOOSAS!!     

F numbered Appaloosas are from a closed stud book, and 1428 of them were designated by the National Stallion board to be Purebreds (which is when the Appaloosa Stud book was originally closed). This book was closed in order to declare Appaloosas a breed so that the registry could hold breed shows. It was reopened when the Appaloosa racing agency needed the numbering to be different than those with letters, and then closed again after that for the second time. Since then, the Appaloosa Stud books were opened yet again, and are still open at this present time. Every breed registry has Foundation horses. Some have only one, some have three, some have many.
  Foundation Appaloosa Horses are mostly just those registered with the F number.  There are some (but not many) other exceptions for Appaloosas classified as having been Foundation Appaloosas. 

The Appaloosa horse is known for its coat pattern (although some can be solid in color), characteristics: striped hooves, mottled skin and white sclera (although some do not have this). Although these things are paramount to the Appaloosa breed, Appaloosas that fit the PUREBRED APPALOOSA description are this, and much more.  Purebred Appaloosas (Appaloosas as a BREED) are versatile, have longevity, good bone and hooves, stamina, agility, hardiness, with great conformation and temperament. They range in size from 14 to 16+ hands.  At Appaloosa Hillside Farm, we are selectively breeding for mid size to tall HIGHLY FOUNDATION BRED BY 75% or more blood Appaloosas (Appaloosas that can be FAHR registered!!), to save them as the BREED they once were.

Sadly, many Appaloosas after the 8th Appaloosa Stud books have been heavily crossbred to other breeds, so are no longer even close to being Purebreds.  The Purest of Appaloosas as a BREED come from the first 8 Appaloosa Stud books (the first 6,999 Registered Appaloosas).  Most of these Appaloosas, come from the the F numbered Appaloosas, not cross breeding.  Appaloosa from the first 8 stud books is about breeding Foundation Appaloosas to be Purebred Appaloosas.  Again, you can see more about this at: FAHR 

Please also see our  FOUNDATION APPALOOSAS page for more information on the origins of Purebred Appaloosas.

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