Foundation Appaloosa Horse Registry (FAHR)

FAHR ( ) is the only Appaloosa registry that requires 75% or more F numbered Appaloosa blood traceable to the first 8 Appaloosa Stud Books (Appaloosas that were declared a breed, and met BREED requirements). From here, breeders can breed the necessary generations to get back to PUREBRED APPALOOSAS, which the F numbered Appaloosas were. 

The Foundation Appaloosa Horse Registry (FAHR) is dedicated to the protection, preservation, perpetuation and promotion of the true bloodlines of the Appaloosa horse. FAHR, a unique nonprofit organization, was founded by a group of dedicated Appaloosa breeders concerned with the disappearance of the 'purebred' Appaloosa.  ApHC registered Appaloosas were once declared a BREED, until the stud books were reopened, and left open.  FAHR wants to keep the REAL Appaloosas that are left, and continue them forward as a BREED as they once were. 
       Breeding Appaloosas with just generations of “Appaloosas” but with no blood requirement (as FPD and GAP does) may never get you to a Purebred for the following reason:

        Registered Appaloosas were once documented and verified as Purebred Appaloosas with the ApHC (Appaloosa Horse Club).   Today though, the ApHC stud books are now open to breed “Appaloosas” to a registered Arabian, registered Quarter Horse, registered Thoroughbred, or another registered “Appaloosa”, and the resulting foal can be a registered “Appaloosa”.  Obviously, such a foal from such a breeding may only be half “Appaloosa” at the most, and NOT a purebred as Appaloosas once were with the ApHC.   Here is an example:  A registered “Appaloosa”, has 8 generations of "Appaloosa" to "Appaloosa" breeding, but an "Appaloosa" in each generation is half Quarter Horse, (this is just one example).  In this case, the resulting 8th or 9th generation "Appaloosa" horse is not even close to being a Purebred Appaloosa, but instead is mostly Quarter Horses blood- even if it had 20 generations of such breeding since it allows breeding to other breeds.  FPD and GAP have nothing to do with actual REAL Appaloosa blood (Appaloosa blood from when Appaloosas were declared a BREED) percentage, just generations of what could be a mostly a different breed, such as the example above.  If you instead breed generations from FAHR   registered Appaloosas, you will be breeding forward REAL Appaloosa blood from when Appaloosas were declared a BREED, and therefore breeding back toward Appaloosas as a BREED again!!


           The ApHC is where Appaloosas originated as a BREED, but at this time the ApHC has sadly strayed from registering Appaloosas as a BREED, and has even removed the word “BREED” from their mission statement.  They did this when diligent Appaloosa Breeders called the ApHC on their now allowing breeding to outside breeds (Arabians, Quarter Horses, and Thoroughbreds), so the ApHC was no longer meeting Appaloosa BREED requirements.  Instead of stopping outside breeding when called on this, the ApHC sadly removed the word “BREED” from the ApHC mission statement!!!!    This shows how the ApHC sadly showed they no longer were registering Appaloosas as a BREED :).

        This is why we now  need to breed Appaloosas  that trace back to the first 8 Appaloosa (ApHC) stud books (from when Appaloosas were a BREED),  and must now verify the 75% BLOOD  (or more) which the FAHR Registry does, and breed generations of Appaloosas from there to get back to PUREBRED Appaloosas.  

               To be a BREED, one needs 7 or 8 generations of breeding from 75% or more blood traceable to its Foundation Animals.   Please breed FAHR Registered Appaloosas, to verify that you are breeding forward toward Purebred Appaloosas that are a BREED. 

The following is an example of how to calculate a 100% FAHR (Foundation Appaloosa Horse Registry) Appaloosa:

Butana's Orbit ApHc number is #20778 which means it is within the first 8 stud books of the ApHc. FAHR recognizes the 4932 F horses plus 69,999 horses of the first 8 stud books giving a total of 74,931 horses that score 100% for FAHR registration purposes. That is the breeding gene pool they are working from to get the minimum of 75% (by blood) for registration, to preserve the old Appaloosa blood lines and work towards a true breed. The Thoroughbred in question is in the 4th generation as FAHR recognizes the subject horse as the first generation. The FAHR requirement actually states that there needs to be a minimum of 75% by blood to the first 8 stud books and F horses with no more than 1 non-appaloosa ancestor in the 4th generation and no more than 4 non-appaloosas in the 5th generation. So this horse in question is 100% by FAHR standards. When calculating this %, one can actually calculate FAHR % and actual F %. Remember that not even all of the F horses were full blood appaloosa's i.e. Mansfield Comanche (half Thoroughbred), but one has to start somewhere with a breeding gene pool. This is how ALL BREEDS started!  Hence, when calculating % once one comes to an F horse or a horses in the 69,999 horses of the first 8 stud books no horse of another breed behind it will be held against it! 

Calculating Your Horse's Foundation Appaloosa Blood Percentage for FAHR Registration!

The method used by the Foundation Appaloosa Horse Registry is simple. It is easy for anyone to determine their horses Foundation percentage themselves. You just need a basic working knowledge of fractions and percentages. The system is based on a single concept – other breed blood which is added into a horse’s pedigree for horses registered with ApHC with numbers higher than 69,999 subtracts from that horses percentage of foundation Appaloosa Horse blood. It’s that simple.

For FAHR registration purposes, all horses with an ApHC number lower than 69,999 are considered Foundation 100%.  That’s right; FAHR doesn’t just use the ApHC F numbers as foundation, but also includes all of those registered up to 69,999 as foundation or 100% for calculating purposes. The number of 69,999 is used because that is the eighth stud book, and the time when many felt the ApHC books should have been closed to crossbreeding. The purpose of using the 69,999 for FAHR registration was to have a blood pool to breed up from, since there were not many horses around at the time.

All horses carrying a “NC”, “ID”, or “PC” prefix before the ApHC number must trace to either F # or a horse with a registration number of 69999 or less to be given any kind of percentage. Some are 100% and some are 0% regardless of their number.

If another breed appears in your horse’s pedigree, behind a horse with a number of less than 69,999 that does not matter. If he shows up as a sire or dam of an ApHC registered horse after 69,999 that will bring down that horse’s Foundation percentage.

A sire or dam contributes 50% to their offspring’s genetics. So, a horse possessing an ApHC number that was higher than 69,999, which also has another breed parent can only be a maximum of 50% foundation blood.

To calculate any FAHR percentage of foundation blood you would keep moving backwards in their pedigree until you arrive at a registered ApHC  horse foaled with a number of 69,999 or less or an F# (100% foundation), or another breed (0% foundation). You then determine the horse it was bred to the same way, add those two percentages together then divide by 2 and you have the percent of the resulting horse. Below is an example of how to calculate.

Note: the below pedigree is an example of a horse having a percentage of 87.5 Appaloosa Horse Club registered horses in the 5th generation. By FAHR standards it is only 57.8125% trace back to the first 8 stud books of the ApHC. FAHR does not consider all ApHC registered horses as equal. As stated earlier, FAHR considers horses with an F prefix or a registration number of 69999 or less as 100% appaloosa. The reason for this, is in the processes of breed development, breed discovery, breed recovery and preservation you must select a specific gene pool from which the pure breed will come ie...a horse with a FAHR percentage of 100% would be considered bred pure from the very select gene pool of the first 8 stud books of the ApHC. As Tom Taylor the Founder of FAHR uses to say "not all appaloosas are created equal!" 


     Keep in mind, the minimum requirement for  FAHR registration is 75% blood that traces back to the first 8 stud books of the ApHC (Where and when Appaloosas were once declared a BREED.).


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